What We Do

Deliberate Practice is at our core… 

Practica Learning’s core offering is 1:1 Deliberate Practice, giving individuals the chance to hone their skills during realistic practice scenarios that are tailored to their business. We focus on converting existing knowledge, obtained through traditional learning methods, into skill through Deliberate Practice. We measure the skills that are important to your development objectives and help support your training ROI and sustainment strategy.  Deliberate Practice can also be combined with 1:1 Deliberate Learning – private tutorial-style experiences – to optimize learning.

Since 2000, we have designed and delivered hundreds of thousands of practice conversations, working with professionals from around the world.

Conversations are the most important things that happen in any organization.

The conversations that happen inside and outside of your organization make all the difference to your success. Great conversations give you a competitive advantage that surpasses the impact of logo or product.

Traditional training solutions do not work.

Traditional Instructor-Led Workshops, eLearning and Virtual Learning do little to address skill development, and have an average retention rate of less than 12%. ‘Knowing’ how to do something is very different from being good at it.

Practice converts knowledge into skill.

The most common approach to training for important conversations relies on the participant to develop their skills on the job, where there is little tolerance for trial and error. Practica Learning gives individuals and teams the opportunity to practice important conversations in a risk-free environment.

How you practice counts.

To be effective, Deliberate Practice must be bite-sized and measurable, provide real-time skill coaching and emotional feedback, interleave targeted skills, have realistic context, and be reinforced at appropriately spaced intervals. Our methodology builds on existing knowledge to increase skill levels, and leverages the latest research on brain-based learning.

I have managed people for 18 years and I was amazed at how much value practicing was. I fall into the same patterns of behavior without thinking about them. Practica's coaching really helped me bring my skills to the next level.


HR Lead
They really understand what we’re trying to do and they reinforce it extremely well by integrating all the key points into their coaching feedback. Their level of professionalism is like nothing I’ve dealt with before.


Senior Learning Consultant
The Roleplayer Coaches were amazing: they were my client exactly. In fact, I forgot it was a practice session and almost hung up after the first scenario. This is the most realistic training I've ever experienced.


Financial Services Representative