Practice Areas

We believe that conversations are the most important things that happen in any organization.

We believe that important conversations can and should be practiced deliberately and as realistically as possible.

Through our hundreds of thousands of hours of experience designing and delivering deliberate practice and learning content, Practica Learning has developed practice strategies for every kind of important business conversation.

If you have invested in a different model or framework for which you want to increase retention and measurability, we will leverage your existing learning content and processes.

Connect With Us to Explore Possibilities

We are well versed in all kinds of business conversations.

  • Client-Facing Conversations – Your participants can benefit from practicing client-facing conversation skills whether they engage in business-to-business sales, work in a contact center, offer customer service, or deliver program management and/or consulting.
  • Coaching & Leadership Development – From managing performance, to coaching in different contexts, to tackling culture change, to achieving self-awareness around presence, performance and style – we help your Leaders hone the skills they need.
  • Culture, Diversity & Inclusion – Equip the individuals within your organization to have meaningful conversations on topics that matter, tied to your organization’s culture in general, or topics like diversity and inclusion, in particular.
  • License-Free Programs – Our existing programs are ready to be customized, so they can be delivered in 1:1 Deliberate Learning, 1:1 Deliberate Practice, or Practice-Led Facilitation formats. We offer our intellectual property license-free, in modules that can be delivered in 1:1 Deliberate Learning and/or 1:1 Deliberate Practice formats, remotely or in-person. Tap into our modules as stand-alone programs, or as complements to your current L&D strategy. Or let us convert and update your Instructor-Led Training workshops and eLearning modules into 1:1 Deliberate Learning or 1:1 Deliberate Practice.

Deliberate Pracitce

I have managed people for 18 years and I was amazed at how much value practicing was. I fall into the same patterns of behavior without thinking about them. Practica's coaching really helped me bring my skills to the next level.


HR Lead
They really understand what we’re trying to do and they reinforce it extremely well by integrating all the key points into their coaching feedback. Their level of professionalism is like nothing I’ve dealt with before.


Senior Learning Consultant
The Roleplayer Coaches were amazing: they were my client exactly. In fact, I forgot it was a practice session and almost hung up after the first scenario. This is the most realistic training I've ever experienced.


Financial Services Representative