How You Can Practice

Find your Deliberate Practice solution.

Our Deliberate Practice methodology leverages brain-based learning research to maximize the effectiveness of practice through immersive realistic scenarios and insightful feedback. Depending on your objectives, we can deliver our services in many different ways.

  • Remote Practice – Be anywhere you want to be. Participants interact with their Roleplayer Coaches by phone or by video. Reducing out-of-office time and eliminating travel costs greatly increases the Return on Investment.
  • In-Person Practice – We come to you. Practicing in person with our Roleplayer Coaches is deeply engaging. From Practice-Led Facilitation, to Simulation, to Forum Theater, we bring your participants valuable in-person practice and learning.

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Deliberate Pracitce

I have managed people for 18 years and I was amazed at how much value practicing was. I fall into the same patterns of behavior without thinking about them. Practica's coaching really helped me bring my skills to the next level.


HR Lead
They really understand what we’re trying to do and they reinforce it extremely well by integrating all the key points into their coaching feedback. Their level of professionalism is like nothing I’ve dealt with before.


Senior Learning Consultant
The Roleplayer Coaches were amazing: they were my client exactly. In fact, I forgot it was a practice session and almost hung up after the first scenario. This is the most realistic training I've ever experienced.


Financial Services Representative